Reflecting on an Incredible Year of Padel: A Look Back at 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time to reflect on a year packed with some great events, community building, and countless moments that have shaped UK Padel this year. From regional tournaments to youth initiatives and coaching milestones, here's a glimpse into the incredible journey we've had together.


LTA Regional Events and Youth Padel Tour


We kicked off the year with a bang, hosting multiple LTA regional events that saw players come from around the area, including many of our members showcasing their skills on the court. The enthusiasm for the sport continues to grow and our players are a testament to the progress that padel has been making around the country. The Youth Padel Tour events, designed to elevate junior padel in the UK, were met with tremendous support, fostering the next generation of padel players. We had almost 20 juniors support the event across 3 tournaments which saw an eventual champion crowned. 


Coaching and Club Champs


Our coaching sessions witnessed significant progress, and it's encouraging to see the skill level of our members on a constant rise. Could next year bring forth even more contenders in the LTA regional tournaments? The Club Champs showcased outstanding performances, and congratulations are in order to all the winners who displayed exceptional sportsmanship and talent.


Community Outreach


Embracing our commitment to spreading the passion of padel, we opened our doors to various communities. Hosting the RAF for their inaugural padel experience was a proud moment, and we're eager to make it an annual tradition. Welcoming tennis clubs, local businesses, and schools not only introduced more people to the sport but also elevated the profile of padel in our area.


Coaching Courses and Live Streaming


We took a proactive approach to knowledge-sharing by hosting our first “transition to padel” coaching course. Coaches enhanced their skills, contributing to the overall development of our players. Live-streaming events like the FIP professional tournament at the National Tennis Centre and our very own County Championships brought the excitement of padel to a broader audience, reinforcing our commitment to growing the sport.


UK Padel County Championships


A highlight that defined our year was hosting the largest padel event in the UK—the UK PADEL County Championships. Almost 200 players from 20+ counties competed, making it a true celebration of padel excellence. To all the players who made this event spectacular, thank you for your unwavering support.


Looking Ahead to 2024


As we eagerly anticipate the new year, we have some exciting plans in store for our members. Get ready for monthly Americanos, where we'll come together to play matches and get to meet other members. Racket testing sessions will give you the chance to explore the latest gear and find the perfect match for your game. Plus, be on the lookout for guest coaches who will bring fresh perspectives and insights to our training sessions.

To our incredible community of players, supporters, and partners, thank you for being an integral part of this remarkable journey. Let's make 2024 a year to remember—full of smashing serves, strategic volleys, and endless fun! Here's to a padel-filled year ahead! 







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