Mastering Serve Positioning: Gain an Edge in Padel

The serve is a crucial shot in padel, providing a significant advantage from the start of a point. However, one often overlooked factor is the positioning of the server on the court. In this article, we will explore the optimal spots to stand when serving, helping you maximize your effectiveness and gain an edge over your opponents. 

Positioning at the Service Line: The default position for serving in padel is standing in the middle of the block, between the side glass and center line. This provides a clear view of the court and multiple targets to aim for. Maintaining this central position allows you to vary your serve placement, keeping your opponents guessing and maintaining an advantage. Avoid standing too close to the side glass or center line, as this can expose gaps for your opponents to exploit. Play the percentages and stand in the middle of the block for optimal positioning. 

Moving Closer to the Net: After a successful and accurate serve, the ideal place to be is at the net. However, it's important to move strategically to maintain a strong position. If serving from the deuce side, slightly shift towards the middle after serving to cover returns down the middle. Vice versa applies when serving from the ad side. Understanding the court angles and positioning yourself accordingly will help you be in the right place for effective volleys. 

Australian Formation: If using the Australian formation, positioning changes slightly. As the server, stand as close to the center line as possible while still remaining on your side. This is essential to quickly cover the perceived gap in the court and defend against your opponents' shots. Remember, stepping over the center line is considered a fault, so maintain proper positioning. 

Your positioning when serving in padel can significantly impact your game. Standing in the center of the block provides a strong foundation and allows you to reach a good position at the net, applying immediate pressure. While the court size in padel may limit the effectiveness of serving wide or targeting the middle, exploring Australian formation can add versatility to your game. By mastering the art of positioning, you can elevate your serving game and enhance your overall performance in padel. 


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Coach Jared

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