From Squash to Padel: Adapting Skills for Success

For squash players looking to venture into the world of padel, a successful transition requires a careful assessment of their playing style and techniques and what works well on a padel court. While squash skills provide a strong foundation, certain adjustments are necessary to excel in padel. In this article, we address common mistakes that I see made by squash players transitioning to padel and explore key considerations that will help them thrive in the game.

Striking a Balance: From Slicing to Variety

Squash players often rely on slicing their groundstrokes, which can be effective in squash but less so when defending from the back in padel. To defend well in padel, it's crucial to develop a more versatile shot selection. Embrace a mix of flat shots, topspin, and slices to adapt to different situations and opponents. This diversity will help you better control the ball, improve your consistency, and enhance your overall performance. And probably fewer angry outbursts!

Harnessing Controlled Power

Squash players tend to hit the ball hard, but in padel, raw power alone may not always yield the desired results. Focus on finding the right balance between precision and power. Work on executing well-placed shots, incorporating lobs, drop shots, and accurate angles to create openings and force errors. By strategically maneuvering your opponents and keeping them off balance, you can gain a significant advantage in padel.


Getting Comfortable at the Net

To succeed in padel, it's essential to embrace the net game. Most points in padel are won at the net, making it a crucial area to dominate. From my coaching experience, squash players feel uneasy and uncomfortable at the net due to not having one on your court! But you can get comfortable there. Start your practice sessions with volleys to improve your technique and build confidence. Work on your volleying skills like short backswing and early contact, footwork technique by going to meet the ball, and general court positioning to seize control of the point, apply pressure, and force your opponents into defensive positions.

Transitioning from squash to padel presents an exciting opportunity to expand your racquet sports repertoire. By addressing common mistakes such as overreliance on slicing and excessive power, squash players can fine-tune their skills to suit the nuances of padel. Embrace variety in shot selection, find controlled power, and develop a love for the net game. Emphasize tactical net play and build a strong doubles partnership. With time, practice, and a willingness to adapt, squash players can master the transition and thrive in the thrilling world of padel.

Keep adding tools to your padel toolbox!

Coach Jared

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