The Contact Point Connection

Tactics are the beating heart of padel. Making the right shot selection and being in the correct position every time will be the difference between victory and defeat on the court. Decisions are made in the heat of the moment and can shape the entire game's trajectory. Today, we're diving into an aspect of padel tactics that I see on a daily basis and one that can be your secret weapon: the strategic interplay between shot selection and your contact point with the ball.

The Influence of Contact Point on Aggressiveness

Picture this: you're on the court and the ball comes your way. The decision you make in the next split second could be the game-changer. Enter the concept of contact point – where your racquet connects with the ball – a decision that can dictate whether to unleash an aggressive shot or play it cool for a controlled exchange.

Above-the-Net Aggression

When you have earned a ball that’s floating high above the net and positioned yourself correctly, and you are contacting the ball above the net - it's a tantalizing opportunity. One that invites aggression. When you're in this position, several doors open wide.

First, the advantages: Aggressiveness here has a safety net. The increased margin for error means that even if your aim isn't perfect, the ball is more likely to land within the court. And let's not forget the raw power – you can go for more explosive shots that will keep your opponents on their toes. The pressure you can exert on your rivals can rattle their composure and lead to unforced errors.

When the ball is above the net, you have options. The aggressive volley and the angled winners all become potent tools. However, remember, aggression shouldn't be your default. Assess the court, analyse your opponent's position, and execute the shot that gives you the best chance of securing the point.

Below-the-Net Effectiveness

Now, let's navigate to the situations where the ball is below the net as you make contact. Here's where the mentality shifts from raw aggression to calculated effectiveness. The most common mistake I see is that players go for aggressive shots from this position, which often ends in an unforced error.

Why? The ball's trajectory is against you. Form a low contact point the trajectory of the ball is upwards, and the chances of overshooting the court are significantly higher. That's where the wisdom of prioritizing effectiveness over aggression comes into play. Instead of aiming to hit the cover off the ball, aim for placement and control. This could mean a well-placed chiquita, a steady lob, or a controlled drive through the middle of the court.

Remember, your objective here is not to win the point instantly but to force your opponents into awkward positions, ultimately tipping the balance in your favour.

Balancing Risk and Reward

In the playbook of padel tactics, balance is key. Aggressiveness carries inherent risks, but it can also yield rewards. It's like walking a tightrope, where you need to gauge when to push the boundaries and when to pull back for a safer play.

Strategically exploiting the contact point can be your guiding light. When above the net, calculated aggression can pay off handsomely. When below the net, prioritize effectiveness to maintain control and keep the ball in play.

Adaptability is the secret sauce. Having premeditated ideas about which shot you are going to hit often end in error. A game is dynamic, and tactics need to evolve alongside it. Analyse your opponent's strengths and weaknesses, adjust your strategy on the fly, and keep your game unpredictable.


On the padel court where finesse meets power, balancing aggression and effectiveness will be a gamechanger. By understanding the influence of your contact point on shot selection, you're taking a giant step toward mastering padel tactics.

Remember, when you're above the net, seize the opportunity to be bold and aggressive. When you find yourself below the net, opt for effectiveness and controlled finesse. This keen awareness can transform the way you approach your game and empower you to make informed decisions on the court.

So, next time you step onto the padel court, keep in mind the power of your contact point. It's not just about hitting the ball; it's about strategically deciding how to hit it.

Have a great week of padel and keep adding tools to your toolbox!


Coach Jared 

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