Autumn Thrills: Turn Chilly Days into Padel Wins

Hello everybody, autumn has arrived!

That means the temperatures are starting to drop and we’ll be getting a few more raindrops! This week I want to give you some tips on the best ways to deal with rain on a padel court. But first, I wanted to briefly chat about the rain policy at the club until (fingers crossed) we get the court covers approved.

Padel is an outdoor sport, so we have to be ready to play in all conditions! Coached sessions will be cancelled whenconditions are unsafe to play, such as when there is lightning, when we get pools of water on the playing surface or yellow warnings for wind. Being South African does make me slightly allergic to the UK rain, but regardless, the expectation should always be that play goes ahead. 

We invested in the highest quality courts and their foundations are made out of porous asphalt. If you look at the back of the courts, you will see the drainage pipes that help clear the water. The courts drain quickly and incredibly well. We do also have squeegees in the shed to wipe the glass dry before your session. 

And if it does rain while you play? Here are some tips:

Tips for Playing in the Rain


Mind the Glass:


The glass gets very slippery, so be prepared for a fast rebound off the surface. This is the only time your coach won’t shout at you for not using the back glass! We do have squeegees in the shed. If the rain has stopped, I would recommend spending a couple of minutes drying the glass before you play.

Control the Ball:

In rainy weather, the ball tends to get heavier, making it a bit more challenging to control. Adjust your swing accordingly. As always, opt for controlled shots (that doesn’t necessarily mean soft) over more powerful shots to maintain accuracy.

Master the Lob:

The lob can be a game-changer in the rain. It buys you time and space to reposition and can catch your opponents off guard. Practice your lobs and incorporate them strategically into your game. And remember the heavier conditions may call for a faster, more extended follow through to help get more height on the ball.

Maintain Equipment:

After playing in the rain, ensure you thoroughly dry your equipment. Wipe down your racquet and grip to prevent damage and ensure they're ready for your next game. Make sure to dry your shoes out as well. You may need to regrip your racquets more often in the autumn/winter season. If you play back-to-back rainy days, think about using a different racquet on each day as the foam may absorb some water and you will lose performance.

Rain Gear Essentials:

Wear a rainproof jacket with a hood and a hat. The hat will stop some drops from getting into your eyes! Hereis a great jacket that helped me survive last winter:


Footwear Matters:

Wear appropriate shoes with enough grip. While your tennis shoes can do the job, padel shoes would be ideal as they offer slightly more grip. Your worn-out sneakers won’t do! 


Playing in the rain can be a unique and enjoyable experience. It forces you to adapt and can lead to some unexpectedly fun and exciting rallies. Embrace the challenge and use it as an opportunity to improve your skills. Don't let a little rain dampen your padel spirit. With the right approach and equipment, you can turn a drizzly day into a fantastic padel session.

Hope to see you on the padel court soon!

Coach Jared

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