Tournament Recap: UK Padel Youth Padel Tour Round 2

This past weekend UK Padel hosted the 2nd round of the UK Padel Youth Padel Tour bringing together enthusiastic juniors with varying levels of padel experience. It was a day filled with fun, laughter, and a healthy dose of competition. Again, we used the Americano format so that players could share the court with new peers and make lasting padel friendships all while trying to test their skills and figure their new opponents out. 

A warm thank you goes out to the parents, some for the second time, to bring their kids down to play. We got a sense that after watching their youngsters play, the adults were itching to get on court as well! Thank you to the new faces who entered, it’s so great to see the sport reach more people. Padel has a unique ability to capture the hearts of those who try it, and this event proved just that.

For those whose children have yet to set foot on a padel court, I extend a challenge. Padel is a sport that offers enjoyment to individuals of all skill levels and sporting backgrounds. I can almost guarantee that they will have a great time on the court. Let's get more kids involved in this wonderful sport, and who knows, we might discover the next padel sensation!

So, mark your calendars because the next round of UK Padel Youth Padel Tour is on October 29th. It could be your first time playing in one of our tournaments or it could be your third, wither way we guarantee some high quality padel and new padel friends. Let’s keep the momentum going, gather your friends, and let's make each tournament an unforgettable experience on the padel court! You can find the tournament on the LTA website or reach out to us here at UK Padel and we will get you sorted. 

See you on court!


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