Crucial Moments, Critical Choices: Navigating Easy Shots in Padel

We’ve all been there. You’ve hit a great volley into the corner, your opponent is panicking but manages to flick the ball up, the ball seems to fly in slow motion through the air, one slow revolution at a time. Your heart rate goes up and your racket goes back, and all thoughts of tactics go out the window – you are going to CRUSH this volley as hard as you can. 


Easy, right? But how often do we end up making a mistake or giving our opponents an easy ball to defend? Often! I did it just last week! These straightforward opportunities can become the Achilles' heel for players, as the surge of adrenaline leads to unforced errors or confusion of what shot to hit. In this post, we'll delve into the psychology behind this phenomenon and explore strategies to overcome the tendency to miss those seemingly easy shots.


The Adrenaline Factor:


The human body's natural response to excitement, competition, and the thrill of the game is the release of adrenaline, especially in these moments of opportunity. While adrenaline can enhance focus and performance, it also has the potential to tip the scales when it comes to executing these “easy” shots. The intensity of the moment can cloud judgment, leading players to make impulsive decisions and errors they wouldn't typically commit.


Understanding the Psychology:


Complacency Creep:

Easy shots often lull players into a false sense of security. The perception that these shots require less effort can lead to a drop in concentration and focus.


Pressure to Perform:

Paradoxically, the simplicity of easy shots can create an internal pressure to perform flawlessly. This added expectation can trigger nervousness, disrupting the fluidity of the shot.



As the brain registers an easy shot, it might lead to overthinking. Players may consider various possibilities, causing hesitation and a loss of the natural flow in their gameplay.


Overcoming the Easy Shot Dilemma:


Adopt a Routine:

Develop a pre-shot routine that you follow consistently. This routine can serve as an anchor, helping to channel your energy positively and reduce the impact of adrenaline. When I see an “easy” ball and I feel that shot of adrenaline, I use this as a cue to remind myself that I need to concentrate even harder to not be complacent. 


Control Breathing:

Practice controlled breathing to manage adrenaline levels. Deep, rhythmic breaths help calm the nervous system and maintain focus during crucial moments.


Maintain Humility:

Treat every shot with equal respect. Acknowledge that in padel, no shot is truly "easy." As my coach used to say and a mantra I still preach today – “easy balls are easy to miss!”



Mastering the mental game is as essential as honing physical skills. Recognizing the pitfalls associated with “easy” shots and implementing strategies to overcome them can elevate your performance to new heights. 


And don't forget to celebrate your victories, big and small. Whether it's a well-executed shot, a hard-fought match, or a lesson learned, there's always a reason to raise a glass. Speaking of which, why not treat yourself to a post-match celebration with a refreshing Shandy from our friends at ShandyShack? Use code UKPADEL20 for an exclusive 20% off your order. And for those festive gatherings during the Christmas season, consider indulging in the exquisite taste of Laylo's award-winning box wines taht stay fresh for up to 6 weeks. Use code PADELWINE20 to enjoy a 20% discount and receive next day delivery.




Here's to a fantastic game on the court and a joyful celebration off it!


Coach Jared 

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