Americano Tournament Series at Holmer Green Padel - round 1 Leaderboard

It was good to confirm the competitive juices hadn't frozen in 2023 and were flowing well into 2024 as we had a glorious day of Americano competition on Sunday 7th to kick off the 2024 Americano series in the sunshine.

Great to kick the day of with the new players group and Toby King taking the top spot and the 10 points on offer, seriously impressive and well done to those of you who were playing in some of your first (competitive) matches, we told you it would be relaxed and fun right?! 

Andy Turner took the mid group event by 2 points from Ed Fitch in a seriously good level of padel, played in a great spirit. 

Jack Pounder and Jono Epps took the 10-point top spots in the two editions of the 4.25 plus event. Jack put in an assured performance in the first session, a clear 12 points ahead of Mr americano himself Phil Cornhill with Marc Cooke a few more behind. Jono Epps dug deep into his mind’s eye to scrape off the rust from earlier in the day and deliver a ruthless display of americano point bagging to win by 5 points from an excellent Marcus Paine and a late charging Nick Baker. 

In the words of Jared, this series is going to be a goodie!

February 3rd entries are live for booking and filling up fast, so please sign up and we are looking forward to a lot more competitive fun on court throughout the year. 


Reminder of the monthly competition format: 

- 11-month series running on the first weekend of each month - mixture of Saturdays and Sundays in case people have regular commitments.  Starting on Sun 7th Jan
- ⁠3 divisions: 1-3, 3.25-4.0, 4.25+
- ⁠Initially 8 places per division per month, but we’ll add a second timeslot if needed based on demand
- ⁠As well as monthly kudos for winning and your name in lights, there will be an overall leaderboard with a lovely UK PADEL racket as a prize for the overall winner in each division over the course of the year (and maybe some other prizes too 😎)
- ⁠Your best 7 results over the season will count for the overall leaderboard (allowing for holidays/injuries etc)
- ⁠Each monthly winner will get 10 pts; 2nd 8 pts; 3rd 6 pts; and then 4th-8th 5/4/3/2/1 pts


Nothing but Padel. 

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